Matt R.

I was born and raised in pointe coupee parish I grew up on the water and in the woods with my dad since I was old enough to walk. That’s where things were some what different for me see I was born with a slight case of cerbal palsy, which changes the way I walk ,but my dad was bound and determined to make sure I was able to do all the things a normal kid could do. He instilled in me the value of a hard days work in and out of the woods ,taught me to always respect the animal I was pursuing, and always give thanks to the man above for what he has provided for me .I met Shawn about a month after my dad passed away from cancer and after talking with him for a while I knew this man had his heart in the right place and it is an honor to be apart of the SRO family and doing my part to be able to make kids and veterans dreams come true by getting them into the great outdoors and instilling in them the love and appreciation for what God has created for us. I feel as I’m one of the fortunate ones with this disability I still work everyday and provide for my family and do everything anyone else can do. Some aren’t as fortunate but most still have the fighting spirit remember “it’s not about the size of the dog in the fight ,it’s about the size of the fight in the dog “

Scarlett Murray

 I love the Lord, my family, and I love the great outdoors. It truly is a way of life.  I’m so thankful that I was raised in the country surrounded by family that did it all. You went to church, camping, fishing, and you went hunting. I didn’t know there was a different way of life. I am  Blessed with 4 amazing kids. My children were raised in the country the same way I was, and they are raising their children doing the same. I’m proud to be the mother of the most dedicated, and hardcore hunters I know. They’ve become much better hunters than me, but I’m still the better story teller. It blesses my heart to watch my kids, and grandkids do what they love. . I was blessed with opportunities that some weren’t.  I believe that everyone should be able to have the same opportunities and experience our way of life. Shawn shared his dream with me a year ago, and I knew immediately I wanted to be a part of SRO I’m so excited to be able to give back, and help dreams come true. Counting down the days! Can’t wait to see what this season brings. Respect your game, and give the Good Lord thanks for your harvest. Good luck to all!

Kimberly V Meche

I grew up in the city of LaPlace. My dad would always take us out on the boat when I was growing up. He taught me to respect the outdoors and the animals that live in it. Fishing became my favorite thing to do. I would spend most of my time fishing throughout high school instead of doing the normal high school things such as football games, dances or going to parties. I always felt closed in and out of place in the city. When we would go visit my mom’s family in the country, I hated leaving because that is where l felt I belonged. I loved the wide open space and fresh air. I moved there shortly after graduating high school. Once I met my husband, I starting hunting with him a lot and it didn’t take long for me to start going by myself. I was hooked! There is nothing like the peace of mind you find while sitting in the middle of the woods. The bonus of bringing home fresh meat for the freezer is a very satisfying feeling. I am raising my son and daughter to love the outdoors. My son has been changing his own fishing bait and out fishing grown men since he was three years old. He will take fishing over a video game or watching television any day. My daughter harvested her first animal last year. It was a 150 lb hog and the smile on her face was priceless. I was shaking more than her when she shot it. It was such an exciting moment and I was so happy I got share it with her. Hunting and fishing as a family is very important to me. When my cousin told me about SRO, it didn’t take me long to jump on the bandwagon. Everyone should be able to experience the outdoors especially children and the disabled men and women that have served this country somehow. I am proud to be a part of SRO and hope it makes many peoples dream of hunting or fishing come true.

Nathaniel Smith

I grew up hunting, fishing, farming, and always being involved in the outdoors! It became my passion the first time my dad took me. I live on a farm so I have been blessed to get to go often. I started hunting when I was nine and have been doing it ever since. It’s now my obsession and I can’t get enough it. I hunt big game, small game, and waterfowl. I love the woods, the creeks, the fields, and all the creatures and creations in God’s beautiful Country. It’s hard to beat a great morning out in the woods with just you, the animals, plants, and God. I give all thanks to God for making everything possible. There’s nothing like hearing crushing leaves behind you while in a tree stand, or the sound of duck’s wings coming over your head or even a big ole Gobbler drumming 5 yards behind you. All my family hunts and has passed that on down to me as well. It is all about the experience of being in the outdoors and spending time with God, family, and friends. It gives me time to myself to pray and have a closer connection to God and to strengthen my faith. I love the taste of wild game of any kind and eat everything I harvest. Bringing meat home to the table is another one of the many reasons I am an outdoorsman. I love the many challenges of the hunts and there’s no better feeling than when you accomplish them. I love trying to have the mental, physical, and competitive skills needed to hunt also. I recently graduated college with an Agriculture degree and am fortunate enough to work in the outdoors. It’s just a part of who I am and how I define myself. I am very proud to be a hunter and get to do what I love. I could name a million reasons as to why I love to hunt and fish but for now I’ll just say I’m very blessed and proud to be a hunter.


Charles “Butsic” Coates

I was born in Orleans Parish in the small community called Venetian Isles. My family owned a restaurant and marina. My entire family worked there and that brought us all to be an extremely close knit family. I was raised on Lake Borne and Lake Ponchatrain, and every piece of marsh in between. If it swam I fished for it. I didn’t start hunting until the age of 8 and was blessed to take my first deer that season. Ever since that day hunting and fishing became life for me. Four years ago my wife “Lindsey Coates” and I were blessed with the birth of our son “Caden Charles Coates” and I am passing down my roots to Caden and teaching him everything I know about God’s great outdoors. I am teaching him that hunting is more than just killing, its about enjoying God’s creations, and learning to take nothing for granted. Till this day my son, mother, and father all hunt together. We all enjoy making those memories. Awhile back I met Shawn and learned about what SRO is. From that very minute I knew I wanted to be apart of the SRO family and be apart of what they do. To see the smiles on these kids and veterans faces really gives me a piece of mind. It is an honor to be apoart of such a special group of people!